Kawaii Narwhal Hoodie

A hoodie featuring nawrhal, the unicorns of the sea! 🦄🐋 Available in two colors and multiple sizes.


Kawaii Narwhal Hoodie



The magical combination of unicorn and whale – nawrhal, the unicorns of the sea! 🦄🐋

A very cozy narwhal hoodie made purely from cotton, features cute corset style lace-up ties along the sides with ribbons! Sold from a very reputable seller, and so far been rated with only 5 ⭐ U have to admit from my latest kawaii hoodie collection is my personal favorite as I love sea creatures and what is cuter than a narwhal, really?  I am particularly fond of the white variation, as it’s balancing out with the pink lace-up ties at the bottom.

Colors: White, pink

Color: One Size ( Bust: 98cm, Length: 63cm, Shoulder:62cm and Sleeve:47cm )


Narwhals are the unicorns of the sea!




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