Kawaii Cat Double Powerbank


Kawaii Cat Double Powerbank


Product Details:

Design: Cute Cat in Spaceship
Mini Power Bank Capacity: 800mAh per piece
Input: 5V 0.5A
Output: 5V 0.8A
Packing Details:
1 x Power Bank Base
2 x 800mAh Mini Power Bank
1. Portable and super light. It’s very small, you be easily put in your pocket or use it while charging.
2. Easy to use: Plug in one of the charging packs and it will charge you anywhere. When using a heavy-duty power supply, you don’t have to put your phone in one place. You can even use it when using your phone or playing games.
3. Allows you to charge without using a long USB cable, saving trouble.
Alternative Sellers:
Seller 2 ($20)
Seller 3 ($23.91)
cat kawaii powerbank


In general, it seems to be receiving positive feedback. It’s quite practical, but for 800 mah, do not expect to fully charge your phone. Has really cute packaging so could be suitable as a gift.
kawaii cat powerbank review

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