Kawaii Dinosaur Hoodie with cute heart details

Kawaii Dinosaur Hoodie with heart details in three colors (pink, blue and grey) and sizes M-L.


Kawaii Dinosaur Hoodie with cute heart details



I initially found this adorable kawaii dinosaur hoodie from another online shop for a buzzing $45.

I almost had my hopes down but after a thorough search, I found it directly from Aliexpress for just under $20 😨🤩

There is also a variation of this product in a t-shirt design for just $17. However, I have only been able to find it from one seller, so I would not expect it to be in stock for that long.


Size M : Bust: 108cm, Length: 61cm and Sleeve:65cm
Size L : Bust: 112cm, Length: 63cm and Sleeve:66cm

Available Colors: Pink,blue and grey-ish

Material: Cotton

Weight: 0.38 kg


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