So do you want to have a kawaii room?

If you are considering upgrading/renovating your bedroom or If you are simply looking for some kawaii room ideas you are in the right place! In this guide, I will share with you little tips on how to make the best of your room and maximize its kawaii aesthetics. You may have seen some of the Youtubers giving a “kawaii” home tour but how do you get started? What things do you need to take into consideration when creating your dream room? In this guide you may find some recommendations too but my one promise is that they will not break the bank – everything is affordable! 

Ready to read the guide? Let’s get started!

Come up with a color scheme

The first thing you should think about is the color scheme. When you don’t have a set color scheme in your room, it can tend to throw a lot of things off. However, maintaining a color scheme will tie the whole room together. You may consider choosing a theme too (e.g My Melody or Little Twin Stars) and then you may choose a color scheme of subtle shades of pink, blue, yellow, lilac (I might have chosen a  very colorful palette as an example) and then look for example for things like pillows or blankets that have Little Twin Stars with them. 

To create a mood board I use Canva, my favorite graphic design drag&drop free online program. I found some Little Twin Star pics for inspiration and then I chose some of the dominant colors from their photos.

little twin stars mood board

Texture equals cozy

Naturally, the bed takes up the most space in any bedroom, making it the natural focal point of your space so that is why it’s important to pay attention. From themed kawaii bed sheets to throw pillows and cozy blankets, textiles help break up a room and add a visual interest. Now, let’s say we follow up on the example of Little Twin Stars. In case you can not find a relevant bed sheet with the theme you have chosen, I would recommend you to keep your bed completely simple, meaning you only put a one-colored bed sheet from the palette we have chosen and then you can spice things up by adding some pillows and blankets as the ones shown below. 

Add more texture

Carpets are a must for every bedroom as they are elegant, stylish, and capable of adding warmth to any room. Not to mention they can bring light If your floor is dark and a touch of personality. I suggest always having a carpet by your bed as there is nothing as bad as waking up to a cold floor. Also, having a shoe carpet on the entrance of your bedroom is also a good idea, to keep away the feet odor from your bedroom ( that’s even better If you have a balcony).

Reduce the clutter and organize your cosmetics

This is pretty self explanatory. It’s important to keep the room organized in order to achieve an aesthetically pleasing room! Nobody likes a cluttered room or seeing things over the place. There are plenty of cute products to store your stuff so you can still maintain and even develop your kawaii room. 

The first category of stuff you need to organize are the non-cute to display goods. That includes any random things hanging around (like the little calendar that you bought at that charity event that you don’t ever plan to use yet you still have it around), any hair products like bobby pins and scrunchies, the DIY crafts or drawing supplies. That sort of things offer no aesthetical pleasure to see them around, yet you still need to be able to find them easily. That’s why I propose to get some cute storage boxes to camouflage them like the ones below. Also, don’t forget to also organize your cosmetics someplace where they are easy to find. I am attaching some cute cabinets that I have found below. 


Display your collection

I can only imagine that you may have some cute figures to display and a good way to do that is by putting some really cute shelves. I am in love with the rainbow and bowknot shelves I have found below from Aliexpress and adding a collection of them can fill up beautifully your wall while also displaying your collection, photographs and whatever cute it is that you want to display. 

Who said housekeeping has to be boring?

Housekeeping organization products are often overlooked, but the thing is they tend to take a lot of space and could ruin a nice looking room. A laundry bag is essential to have in the bedroom as we tend to take off our clothes the minute we walk into our room and then let them just pile up (pleading guilty). So instead of having this clutter of clothes all around the room or little things that should “not” be there, consider having a trash can and a laundry bag around that are fitting your room’s theme. 

Bring in plenty of light

Adding plenty of light sources is key to keeping the room from feeling dark and claustrophobic. Let it be floor lamps, chandeliers, bedside table lamps can bring a lot of ambience and make your room brighter. You may even hang fairy lights  to add a touch of sparkle that come in different colors or themes such as butterflies, stars, or hearts. It is important not to forget that good light improves the mood and reduces stress just like mood improves with good weather.

Plushies and Cushions - A LOT of them

When I think of kawaii, I think of fluffy, and what can be fluffier than a whole bunch of stuffed animals? You can never have too many. You can place them everywhere, smaller ones can be displayed on the wall shelves or desk while the biggest ones can be put on your bed or couches. I particularly also love the rainbow/cloud/star cushions If you want to give some color to your bed or couch.

Don't forget the wall decor

Your walls can not be entirely devoid of anything apart from paint. You may find picture frames and canvas, and other decorations online and offline that can be easily attached to your wall. On a bigger scale, it is possible to even get posters or bulletin boards, collection of polaroid photos – that they take more room. On a  budget scale, you might even print some images or inspo quotes on paper and hang them on your walls.

And If you want to add some functionality to your bedroom consider things that are useful as well beautiful. For instance, you may also use mirrors which works as a wall decor, a source of lightning as well as it makes your bedroom look more spacious. Even cute wall clocks


And as Leonardo Da Vinci said “Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail”. If you choose to go with the Kawaii theme in your bedroom, consistency is key.  Every little thing can be camouflaged to fit in your room’s theme let it be plants pots, tissue cover etc., for as long as you stick to the color scheme we discuessed on the first paragraph.  

Lastly, If you can’t keep it consistent, keep it simple. Recycle or giveaway any furniture that have no purpose and you’d be delighted to see how this extra space makes such big difference in your room and how more comfortable you’d be with such a little change.  With 2020 becoming the year where we spend most of our times home, organizing and taking care of our bedroom is becoming more important than ever. Take it one step at a time and even if you are on budget, look into second-hand furniture, or even refurbish them like Maryal and Chris did on here.  I will talk more about cute kawaii DIY’s in the future so stay tuned!

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