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Hello again,

It’s been a while since I’ve been wanting to update my blog but sometimes life gets in the way. The truth is, that lately, I have been working on a series of “Little Twin Stars” inspired free kawaii printables to help you make your life a bit easier.  While I am not a designer, I really hope that you like them and make use of them!  (✿◠‿◠) 

I’m  not the most organized person in the world and ever since getting a full-time job, it has been quite challenging trying to keep track of everything. But planners have helped me A LOT to stick to schedules (sometimes) and reach my goals. 

So how do I even get started with my planning ?

What helps you working hard every day is probably a bigger goal, right? You go to school/uni every day and you know that every day of studying leads to getting the career of your dream. 

The idea is that you set your goals on a number of levels. The first thing to do is to identify the bigger goals. Moving down to the hierarchy, you break these goals down into smaller and smaller targets that you must hit in order to reach your “bigger” goals. The bigger goal could be accomplished with a few months to even years, that’s completely up to you. 

Another thing I like planning is my working weekly plan. While I have a digital planner for work, I like seeing things on a paper and I feel more productive when I am tracking my time. 

to-do list gif kawaii

Creating a goal planner

free kawaii printable
weekly planner

Let’s say one of your “big” goals is to learn a level of language within 6 months. According to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) it takes about 120 hours to make it to A2 level of Spanish.  That means I’ll need to study 120 hours in 6 months in order to achieve this goal. But then again, how can I make it there? The example above is just an example of how this could be translated and broken down into the mini-goals and thereafter, the little milestones that could help you get there. 

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Incorporating my goals into my weekly kawaii planner

Then, I’ll break down these tasks and add them to my weekly schedule. For example, in Week 46 I will read a chapter from the book, solve 5 pages of grammar exercises, listen to a podcast, and spend 15 minutes a day doing Duolingo. While making it to A2 seems quite difficult to set as goal, the smaller goals seems completely feasible! Every week I thus feel motivated to do my little tasks and I don’t see it as a big mountain I am not climbing any time soon. 

Tracking your habits

Tracking habits is an amazing way to keep track of the daily tasks and work towards our goals. It can give you a sense of accomplishment to see your progress over time, especially If you have worked for weeks or months. Habit trackers can help you find was to improve, or recognize where your intentions were too ambitious. Even If you don’t manage to achieve your goal, you can learn from the experience.

What can I track?

Here are some ideas on what you can track:

  1. Things you want to do more (e.g take vitamins,reading, exercise)
  2. Actions you want to limit (cooking instead of eating out, no phone before bed, etc.)
  3. Self-Care ( e.g relaxing bubbles bath, pampering, etc.)


cute habit tracker

The versatile Kawaii Calendar

kawaii calendar printable

I usually start my monthly planning with the monthly calendar. I mark down any important events during the month like birthdays, conferences, meetings, assignments. I made this planner with the idea of keeping it versatile and being able to use it month after month, so it could always be used. Also, you may use this free kawaii printable calendar for a number of other purposes such as:

  • Monthly challenges
  • Exercise log
  • Meal planning
  • Gratitude log
  • Social Media planning

Daily/Hourly Planner

Daily hourly planner helps you staying focused by blocking your time with all the things that need your attention on any given day. It’s very easy to get distracted and procrastinate and as a result, you may end up not doing the tasks you intend to be doing. This planner helped me a lot by staying organized in my daily work schedule. It also helps you staying realistic and even when just getting started you may be more ambitious, you learn how productive you are and how much workload you can take on a day. So rather than randomly starting my day and working as I go, I start with prioritizing some of the tasks that need my immediate attention and write my day’s to-do list and aim to finish it. 

Small tasks go a long way.


cute day planner

Bonus - Gratitude of the day

Science has proven over and over how gratitude has benefited many areas of our lives including health and happiness. I love the concept of writing down at least one thing you are grateful about every day. It puts you into a positive frame of mind at least once per day. Everyone has bad days and frustrating moments. But no matter what happens, take a minute to force your mind thinking about some good things you feel grateful about on any day. If you want to find out more about gratitude, this guide is quite comprehensive to help you understand better the concept of gratitude and how to incorporate it to your daily journal. 

What's your take on making plans and staying organized?

What about you? How do you plan your days/weeks/months and what else are you keeping track of every day? Most importantly what guides would you like to see in future blog posts? Any particular characters I should include? 

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  • Habit Tracker
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